About Us

TONA Bathroom Vanity ("TONA"), founded in 2016, is an international manufacturer producing the highest quality bathroom cabinetry and furniture.


Minimal and Modern Bathroom Decor and Furniture 

Tona Bathroom Vanity is an industry leader, and the company has a number of product patents and design innovation awards. It has been awarded the integrity unit, and is one
of the hi-tech enterprises in the region. Alongside the focus on innovation
and bathroom solutions, TONA is highly regarded of its exceptional customer service.

We're determined to provide our customers with not only the best products and service, but also a lifestyle of affordable luxury. With our practices, we focus on our principles of environmental sustainability with unique products for you whether it's for your business or your home. We believe in finding Clarity for Your Sanctuary since you start and end your day in the bathroom, making it one of the most intimate places of everyone's daily life. We create products that capture the essence of contemporary design while maintaining the

Tona Bathroom Vanity warmly welcomes your visit!